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HELP! My Dog is Scared of Fireworks

The newly updated edition is now available from Amazon as a paperback and an ebook - look for the red 'new edition' stocker on the front cover. if you have a noise sensitive dog, this is essential reading. Written with my friend, Tellington TTouch practitioner Toni Shelbourne, we know from past experience with our own terrified dogs just how dreaded Fireworks Night can end up becoming. We were able to help our own dogs deal with and ultimately overcome their fears, and we decided to write this book so we could share all the things we learned ourselves. It is available as a paperback, and because we wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible, you can also buy it as an ebook at the bargain price of 99p!


The UK ebook link is HERE and for the paperback HERE

The US ebook link is HERE and for the paperback HERE


This is the first in a series of mini-books which look in detail at various

issues affecting dogs and owners.

This is the second in our series of mini-books which look at various issues that beset owners and dogs.

If your dog is a poor passenger, even the shortest of trips in the car can be a miserable experience for everyone.  

In this book we suggest solutions for travel problems including barking, motion sickness, jumping around, and fear of the car - plus there is advice on spotting the warning signs, products and therapies, how to make journeys more pleasant and step-by step training exercises.


It is available as both an ebook and a paperback.



The UK ebook link is HERE and for the paperback HERE

The US ebook link is HERE and for the paperback HERE  

The third book in the series of HELP! My Dog ... is now available - inside you'll find advice on how to make sure your dog doesn't wreck your garden, plus plenty of ideas for things to do and features to add which will ensure that he still has lots of fun out there.

In addition you'll also find suggestions for pet friendly plants to grow, and those which are best avoided, so the garden is a safe as well as pleasant place to be.


It is available from Amazon as both an ebook and as a paperback.


The latest addition to the series of HELP! My Dog ... books is about Canine Compulsive Disorder - what it is, why it occurs and containing lots of suggestions on how you can identify triggers, calm the environment and create behavioural changes for the better.


Available from Amazon as both an ebook and a paperback.

The Five Pound Pony & other stories





Just out! Currently available from Amazon both as an ebook and a paperback. More details on the ebook page!

365 Handy Hints for Horse Riders








New ebook!

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Coming soon as a paperback.

The Difficult Horse

Understanding and solving riding, handling and behavioural problems.

Now available from The Crowood Press, The Difficult Horse provides many insights as to why a horse may develop unwanted behaviours. 'Problem' behaviour is usually more of a problem for the handler than the horse, which is likely to have established patterns of behaviour as a way of helping himself feel safe in situations he finds mentally and/or physically stressful.

As well as explaining underlying reasons for a horse's reactive and sometimes dagerous responses, a number of practical exercises are suggested that can help to address a wide range of commonly encountered issues. Each exercise is accompanied by numerous full colour photographs and a step-by-step explanation as to how to perform them.

Even if you consider your horse to be problem-free, these exercises will still be invaluable in helping you and your horse to develop a closer, more pleasurable and successful relationship.

This book has been co-written with a wonderful and inspirational friend of many years, Sarah Fisher. Sarah is a TTouch Instructor and animal behaviour counsellor. She has worked with animals for over seventeen years and has given talks and demonstrations on horse handling and behaviour for many top animal welfare organisations, professional associations and riding clubs around the world. She has written several other books and numerous magazine articles on animal behaviour, and is a familiar face - and voice - on TV and radio. You can find out more about Sarah and TTouch HERE

Dog Friendly Gardening


Lots of ideas on ways to make your garden a safe and fun place which you and your dog can enjoy together. Pictures and text about real dogs, real gardens, real problems and practical solutions. 

Published by Hubble & Hattie, it's now available - find out more at the website HERE and blog HERE - you can also follow me on FB!


The Horse Rider's Hacking Handbook

Everything you need to know about hacking out, whether on your own horse, a borrowed one, or one at a riding school, trekking or holiday centre - there's also plenty of information for ride escorts too.

From tacking up to cooling  down, subjects covered include:

  • Pre-ride preparation
  • Where you can go
  • Building trust and developing confidence
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Solving problems
  • Safety for horse and rider

I've been a client at riding schools, a guest on riding holidays and employed as both a teacher and ride escort, while my co-author Stephen Jenkinson is an independent access consultant with in-depth knowledge of rider's rights and responsibilities; he also works as an animal behaviour counsellor and has his own horse, a Clydesdale cross called Hamish.

Over the years we've ridden out on horses of all shapes and sizes; some have been well behaved, others less so, and a few downright frightening. Between us, we've also ridden over a wide variety of terrain, ranging from bustling town centres to remote areas in the wilds of Scotland. In this book, we've drawn upon all our joint experience to create as comprehensive a volume as possible, which we hope will help you to enjoy and get the most out of your hacking.

This book has been adopted as an official ABRS manual, and is published by The Crowood Press.

Awarded Horse & Rider magazine's 'Best in Test' Award 2012

Praise for The Horse Rider's Hacking Handbook:


"The Horse Rider's Hacking Handbook is a well thought out, interesting and easy to read manual filled with great pictures and diagrams to help both the experienced and novice rider whilst out hacking. It contains useful guidelines on all aspects of hacking including how to prepare for the ride and how to end it, as well as important information to help the rider hack safely and with confidence.

What makes this book stand out from others are the essential safety aspects that run throughout the chapters, which discuss not only the dangers but also how the rider can deal with the situation if things go wrong. It explains clearly the many hazards that may occur, from making sure the horse and rider are fit for purpose, using the right equipment, where to ride and the weather to extensive information on access rights and the legal aspects of hacking. There are also easy to follow exercises that help both the rider and horse develop closer bonds and increase confidence and a very useful emergency telephone contact list.

Overall, The Horse Rider's Hacking Handbook is a must-buy."

- Rosie Barclay, BSc (Hons) MPhil

 Clinical Companion Animal Behaviourist

APBC Education Officer



"While there are limits to what can be done about traffic and lack of bridleways, this comprehensive manual should reduce some of the fear by pointing out what to expect, how to be prepared, including training for emergencies and advice on coping with diverse situations such as livestock, cattle grids, slippery surfaces, blue-green algae, bird scarers and narrow spaces.

... the Handbook is to be recommended to riders as an aid to improving the standard of riding on bridleways and byways by giving riders accurate information and clear advice. That covers many things from the ability to open and properly handle a gate safely, to negotiating an awkward ford ... the Handbook provides useful advice for professional ride leaders and is worth recommending as essential reading ..."

- Geri Coop, Waymark, Winter 2011



"Who'd have thought there was so much information to be written about hacking! This comprehensive book covers all aspects of the activity, from prep for horse and rider, what to wear, nervousness (again, for both horse and rider!), coping with hazards, and problem solving and safety - including essential advice for emergency situations.

Want to get your horse fit for hacking? This book gives you what you want to know. Want to build trust and confidence with your hacking partner? There's a plan to follow. Long to ride on the beach? This book includes suggestions about swimming with your horse, riptides and more.

Think your horse will object to hazards on the trail? Not a problem - from bridges to cattle grids, gates and level crossings, it's all here, with sound advice to overcome the lot, as well as advice for riding on the roads.

With notes for ride escorts, ideas for taking your horse on holiday, and simple schooling suggestions to make your hacking safer and more enjoyable for you and your mount, The Horse Rider's Hacking Handbook is the essential guide for anyone contemplating tackling the great outdoors with their horse.

- Horse & Rider magazine, 'BOOK OF THE MONTH'



"I was delighted to find this new book which covers the wide range of issues that can affect us when we're out hacking. It discusses everything to do with riding out that you can possibly imagine, and it's great to see it all written down and laid out out in such a clear and easily accessible fashion with fantastic photos and a comprehensive index.

This book also contains notes for ride escorts aimed at those working in riding schools and trekking centres. It would make a great present for those who enjoy venturing out on horse back, and acts as an aide-memoir, especially if taking BHS or UKCC teaching qualifications.

Overall I would certainly recommend it as a good read and a handy reference guide."

- Sara (review on www.Amazon.co.uk)