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The text is all written - just a few photos still need to be taken, and a couple of technical sections checked over by leading specialist experts on some of the topics - but HELP! My Dog Doesn't Travel Well In The Car is otherwise finished and will be available soon as an ebook as well as in paperback.

If you've ever had to share the car with a dog which suffers from motion sickness, or barks, becomes over excited, or over stimulated by things he can see outside - or maybe just doesn't want to get in the car in the first place - you'll know what an unhappy and miserable experience it can be for everyone concerned.

In this book co-author Toni Shelbourne and I look at how you can manage such issues in the short term, and offer suggestions as to how you can work towards curing them in the long term. As well as identifying the onset of travelling issues, there is advice on how to make your car a nicer environment, conventional and complementary remedies and therapies, travel training exercises, plus a list of useful contacts and resources.


I'm also currently working on a full length novel which follows what happens next to Clare and Odyssey, the lead characters of It Only Happens in Stories: the working title is Only In Stories and I already have its sequel, Living the Dream, mapped out. You can find out more about this on its own dedicated website at It Only Happens in Stories, where you can also find out how to become a showjumper, read the original short story, learn more about Olympia horse show and lots more!


I'm also writing a third book of horsy short stories, and developing a further non-fiction title about dogs with co-author Stephen Jenkinson.  Keep visiting for more information!